Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rainbow over Yading Village

It was on the 5th day of my Great Shangri-La expedition that we have finally arrived at Yading – one of our primary locations of the trip.  Weather continued to be a concern among the group although the forecast favors what we are looking forward to.
We stayed at Xiangcheng last night, not a bad hotel.  Few of us walked the street after dinner to try to find some dry food and convenient food for the whole day today in the Yading Nature Reserve where we hope to see the famous patron saint of Tibetan – the three holy peaks, which I have posted earlier.
Shortly before we arrive Yading the weather again deteriorated and we found in front of us heavy fog and light rain. 
I was here last year around similar time and have a rather poor day in Yading ending seeing just the fogs but however I kept optimistic, after all, with the change of altitude and time of the day, the weather high in the mountain is really hard to predict. So be it.
Just like déjà vu the rainbow I saw last year on the Yading village is again appeared on almost the exact same spot,  and I quickly took a few shots.   
Just nice to be back!

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